Skyline Servers

Started in January 2015 by ex WiredTree employees and based in Chicago, Skyline Servers exists to help business owners regain confidence in their IT infrastructure. We provide an enlightened approach to systems design and administration. Drawing upon thousands of hours spent supporting clients across various industries, our technicians know how to keep servers running smoothly and efficiently. There's no need to settle for an endless cycle of support tickets. Let Skyline Servers be your source for professional, quick, and secure solutions for your most difficult challenges.

Meet the Team

Dawid Bryl

Dawid Bryl

Hailing from Poland, Dawid brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Skyline Servers. With Linux and Information Security expertise gathered over 17 years in ISP and Hosting environments, Dawid builds bulletproof systems in his sleep and survives on a steady diet of script kiddies and blackhat hackers.

Some of Dawid's specialties include:
* Infrastructure & Operations
* Automation & Scalability
* Information Security
* Advanced Troubleshooting

Nick Teeple

Nick Teeple

Midwest born and raised, Nick brings a holistic approach, combined with a keen eye for detail, to each and every challenge. After seeing so many clients slip through the cracks of a large hosting company's support system, Nick set out to create a new type of experience in the hosting ecosystem. Skyline Servers represents Nick's desire to make fellow business owners feel like they have their own infrastructure specialists on staff instead of being just one more ticket in an overflowing support queue.



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