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Skyline Servers customer reviews and testimonials gathered from around the web can be found here. Each testimonial has a link to it's original source.

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    When you want extremely high level and professional system administrators and a company that treats your business as if it was their own, you have found the place. Skyline Servers is everything you would ask for in a company with caring and highly skilled staff. They are passionate about your business. I could not be happier.

    Steve Stanley, President of GuiWeb
  • This was my first time using freelancer and what a wonderful experience! [Dawid] was extremely knowledgeable and professional in his work. Any employer will be very pleased with their experience and lucky to have chosen him to assist with this project. He delivered above and beyond my expectations, communicated throughout and completed in an efficient and timely manner. Well done, and will certainly be hiring again!

    Blevensa on freelancer.com
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    My Linux server @Linode went to read-only mode after a software update. I try to fix it and wasted few hours. After that I went to freelancer and posted this problem. I got immediate assistance from Skyline Server and with in few minutes all my websites went up and running fine.

    Vishnu from openspeedtest.com
  • Exceptional service - been using Dawid & Nick for quite a while now. They are extremely knowledgeable, respond very quickly to any issues and provide excellent value for money. I cannot give them more praise than to say I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone!

    Mark Lees, President of EAMConsulting
  • Best System Administrator on Freelancer.com, the guy is so detailed, so very professional and knows linux like he was born with the kernel in his brain. I highly recommend this system administrator for any type of linux work and I will surely use him again, when required.

    Jonnikola on freelancer.com
  • Found Dawid online to help me manage my server. He did not come by way of a referral, but everything I could find about him and his company was leading to him being reputable. After having dealt with many flaky, unresponsive people, what a pleasure it has been to work with Dawid at Skyline. No only does he know what he is talking about, he has gone above and beyond in helping me secure and manage my server. I highly recommend him to help you with your server needs. You wont be disappointed!

    Chris on google reviews

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