Is your SSL certificate still compatible with the browsers your clients are using?

Is your SSL certificate still compatible with the browsers your clients are using?

With the busy on-line shopping season coming up slowly ensure you’re not missing out on sales opportunities with SSL certificate that guarantees 99,9% browser compatibility, a lot has been going on in the SSL world last year. For example Google and other removed support for old SHA-1 certificates. Also last year Google changed their ranking system for organic searches slightly improving positioning of sites served over SSL. Nowadays SSL certificate not just improves your trust but also helps bring in more traffic to your site. If you’re still using smaller 1024 bit keys you should replace them with stronger versions and re-sign your certificates as soon as possible. We recommend using large key sizes at least 2048 bit RSA or 256bit ECDSA keys. We still see a lot of servers running weak ciphers or running SSLv3 for example leaving them vulnerable to a famous poodle or other attacks.

SSL certificates imply a lot more trust from the client that the transmission of personal information to your site is encrypted and secure. If you run an online store perhaps you want to consider going the extra step with Extended Validation certificate for the well-known web browser green bar instantly boosting user trust helping your store conversion rates.

We’re being asked a lot won’t SSL slow down my website? To answer this concern we’ll simply put it this way, SSL does generate extra overhead on the server CPU and can affect server overall load by few percent under traffic compared to unencrypted traffic. The benefits of encrypted private transmission between the site and the client web browser, and trust it builds generally outwit slightly higher resource requirements.

With those revolutions mentioned Skyline Servers would like to offer SSL certificate installation/update service on all Linux/BSD based servers for any applications. We are pairing that with an additional 10% OFF it and all SSL certificates with promo code “SSLFORALL”. This offer will expire on December 24th.